Terms & Conditions


1) accept that 10% of my booking fee is non-refundable. Once I have committed to my itinerary, I will pay the booking fee detailed on the booking form. 

2) will pay 50% of my balance, if I am booking 10 weeks before departure. This is in order to confirm my reservations.

3) will pay the total balance due, 10 weeks before departure. I understand that I cannot go on my trek or expedition if I have not paid my balance in full before it begins.

4) will arrange my own travel/medical insurance, visas & flights. I understand that I am wholly responsible for my insurance and that it is compulsory for going on my trek or expedition and that this should be put in place at the time of booking. The policy I book will include mountainous trekking activities, helicopter rescue and repatriation with no exceptions. I also understand that I am wholly responsible for the arrangement of the visas and flights necessary for my trek or expedition. 

5) will declare any ill-health or relevant medical information. At the time of booking, I will inform Berber Treks if I suffer from any medical condition. In the case of my undeclared ill-health impeding the progress of a trek or expedition, I understand that Berber Treks may seek to recover costs from me.

6) will be fully informed before I leave. Before my trek or expedition begins, I will read all of the Berber Treks website; will fully understand the nature of my trek or expedition; and will digest all the relevant information and ask all the questions that I need to. I will especially know exactly what is expected of me in terms of fitness and conduct.

7) accept that I am responsible for my actions. I understand that my choices and behaviour have an impact on others. I will act in the best interests of the group, for the entire duration of my trek or expedition.

8) accept that occasionally Berber Treks has to make changes. I understand that weather can be highly unpredictable and that occasionally transport is delayed; someone might be taken ill; civil strife, military action, diseases and natural disasters can happen; or that the needs of the group including my own, may alter while I am on my trek or expedition. I know that in fact, anything can occur despite the very best preparation and planning. I will accept any changes that Berber Treks has to make on my trek or expedition, when unforeseen events arise.

9) accept that there is risk involved. I know that regardless of preparation and planning, the nature of trekking and especially trekking in mountainous environments is such that risk is involved from the moment I set out.

10) undertake to resolve any dissatisfaction as soon as it arises. I will address any problems I have immediately, by discussing them directly with the person concerned. I understand that I must address the person in a clear and polite manner. I also understand that if I have not addressed the person concerned after a period of one month from the start of my trek or expedition, I am not entitled to do so.

11) understand that the price of the flight is included for Duke of Edinburgh's Award open enrolment participants only. Once the flight has been booked has been booked by Berber Treks, it is non refundable and exempt from the cancellation policy.

12) accept that these booking conditions supersede all those previously issued. I understand that Berber Treks constantly update their booking conditions based on experience and in order to improve the quality of their treks and expeditions. 


1) have the final say in all matters of safety. You book with the understanding that we make the final decisions about your and the group's safety. If the staff of Berber Treks are of the opinion that your fitness, health, anti-social or illegal behaviour may endanger the safety of the rest of the group, we have the authority at any time to exclude you from continuing on the holiday. In this situation you are not entitled to a refund or compensation. We additionally reserve the right to change your itinerary for safety reasons, at any time.

2) are not responsible for delays in public or private transport. We will always try to pick the best operators and devise routes which are as unsusceptible as possible to delay. However we cannot guarantee the smooth-running of all transport services and in the event of a delay, we can only undertake to respond as effectively as possible according to the circumstance.

3) can change your guide, if necessary, at any point. In the very unlikely event that we need to do this, we will only substitute your guide for another with equally appropriate qualifications.

4) will do our very best to respond to suggestions and dissatisfaction. We will listen carefully to any suggestions or problems you might have and respond in an efficient and caring manner. If we do not agree with the point you raise or cannot respond as you would like, we will give you a full explanation why.

5) do not refund or transfer part or unused treks or expeditions. Please seek compensation with your nominated insurance broker.

6) provide refunds up to 2 weeks before departure, if you cancel. Cancellations made before and at 10 weeks will receive a 90% refund of total payment. Cancellations made at 8 weeks will receive a 75% refund of total payment. Cancellations made at 6 weeks will receive a 50% refund of total payment. Cancellations made at 4 weeks will receive a 25% refund of total payment. Cancellations made at 2 weeks will receive a 0% refund of total payment.

7) give a full refund, if we cancel at any point. In the unlikely event that we cancel your trek or expedition, every effort will be made to arrange an alternative itinerary. If an alternative itinerary is not available, we will refund the total amount you paid.

8) will protect your privacy. We will not sell or give your personal data to any other person on your trek or expedition or to an outside agency, unless required to do so for legal purposes. We may occasionally email or telephone you but you can request us to take you off our contact list at any time. Additionally, if you make this request we will do so immediately and permanently.

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