by Leanne Judge - with special thanks - 13:19 on 22 August 2015
Video of DofE residential 2015
by Tanishk, Ilhan, Leanne, Holly & Nia - 22:31 on 11 August 2015
Our last day of the residential was mostly spent on the mini bus travelling back to Marrakesh with a stop halfway for lunch at Ouzoud.
by Tanishk, Ilhan, Leanne, Holly & Nia - 22:18 on 10 August 2015
Today was a special day for the group as it was Tanishk's 18th birthday.
by Tanishk, Ilhan, Leanne, Holly & Nia - 21:51 on 09 August 2015
Today we had an early start with porridge for breakfast, to prepare us for our cultural excursion day...
by Tanishk, Ilhan, Leanne, Holly & Nia - 21:33 on 08 August 2015
The morning started with coco pops which was a welcome change from bread.
by Tanishk, Ilhan, Leanne, Holly & Nia - 21:11 on 07 August 2015
Todays family was just a short walk away...
by Tanishk, Ilhan, Leanne, Holly & Nia - 20:57 on 06 August 2015
Our next day started with a filling breakfast before travelling to the local Berber families to help with their daily routine.
by Ilhan, Tanishk, Holly, Nia & Leanne - 20:15 on 05 August 2015
The journey to the Happy Valley provided us with picturesque scenery through towns...
by Tanishk, Ilhan, Leanne, Holly & Nia - 19:49 on 04 August 2015
We began our residential section of our DofE Award by shopping in the medina in Marrakesh.
by Ilhan, Tanishk, Emma & Hannah - 19:23 on 03 August 2015
We all chose to complete our Gold Duke of Edinburgh's Award expedition in the picturesque Atlas mountain range in Morocco. In summary it was an experience like no other!
by Anne Macrae - 12:21 on 24 April 2015
Farscape Development have just completed their exciting corporate trek in the Jebel Saghro region. Saghro is a very remote region in the south of Morocco and provides a complete wilderness experience with volcanic and lunar landscapes.
by Anne Macrae - 22:01 on 20 October 2012
Brighton College DofE expedition assessment
by Anne Macrae - 22:08 on 07 September 2012
Durham ACF DofE gold expedition assessment in Spanish Pyrenees
by Anne Macrae - 22:14 on 29 April 2012
Toubkal trek with an extension to Essaouira
by Anne Macrae - 18:02 on 22 November 2011
This was a 6 day itinerary designed and organised by Berber Treks. Our 7 participants were from all over the UK and were trekking across the desert in order to raise money for charity.
by Anne Macrae - 18:20 on 09 September 2011
We were looking for somewhere interesting to go walking to soak up some of the end of year sun! We are reasonably well travelled and have walked, although not trekked, in various parts of the world.
by Anne Macrae - 18:27 on 24 April 2011
Sarah and I ventured to Morocco to experience pristine wilderness, soak up the local culture, and test ourselves mountaineering in the Altas Mountains.
by Anne Macrae - 15:59 on 19 September 2009
The team arrived early at Heathrow airport on Sunday 19th July despite a puncture along the way. All were sporting brand new embroidered maroon hoodies and were very enthusiastic about the adventure ahead of them.
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